Thank you for the FANTASTIC reviews!

It’s true… when we set out to create Carpet Markers, we had one goal in mind; create terrific high-quality classroom management products at prices teachers can afford. Approaching the close of our first year in business, we took some time today to reflect by read product reviews from actual customers like you on Amazon. You can read them here on Amazon! 

WOW! What can we say! We are humbled by how well received our product has been by teachers from all 50 states! From these replies, it seems our customers are truly delighted with Carpet Markers quality, size, price, color and more! We cannot thank you enough for your honest and candid testimonials (both good and bad). And please know, your feedback is being seen and is contributing to our ability to produce the best possible product in the marketplace!



STAY TUNED!  We will be announcing a BRAND NEW PRODUCT on Aug 15th that we know you will also love as much as Carpet Markers!  Check back soon for updates!

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