Several years ago, I graduated from the University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS!) with a degree in Early Childhood Development. As I prepared to enter my first classroom, I quickly realized that managing a classroom of 22+ Kindergarteners was going to be a tough job. I needed tools! Lots and lots of tools. If you are reading this post today, you probably know exactly how it feels moving into your first classroom.

I quickly began writing a list that included file folders, lamination machines, posterboard, chalk/erasers, markers… it was exhausting! The day finally came when I was given my “classroom budget”. YIKES! Are you kidding me? A $300 Visa card to manage 22+ students for an entire year. How is that possible! My acclimation into the world of frugality had begun.

Since those days, I have learned that being creative was the best way to save money. After all, 1 pre-designed classroom carpet would set me back my entire classroom budget for the year! So, I took those learnings, borrowed some money, and started a small company. While still teaching, I manage my small company on the side with a simple mission: to bring creative new products to market that teachers will love at a price they can afford. My first product is Carpet Markers! I am thrilled to see teachers enjoying and using our product as it is intended.

While managing a small business has its challenges, nothing makes me happier than helping fellow teachers solve tough classroom challenges with creative ideas. Stay tuned! I plan to launch many more products into the marketplace soon!

~ Nikki